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Life and Work at Nestio

Posted by Caren Maio on March 10, 2016

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffett

I’m a firm believer that a company is as strong as the people behind it. At Nestio, we value passionate, creative, and collaborative thinkers. People who see the importance of self-investment, and how personal development is a necessary prerequisite for company success. We’ll double in size over the next year, and my top priority as CEO is to attract and hire the type of talent who fits this profile. Thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re going as a team, I wanted our second blog post to focus on our thesis as to what makes a successful team—the necessity for personal growth and change, and how the people of Nestio have grown during their time here.

A culture of empowerment

Our employees are as individual as the company and for some, Nestio is their first startup experience. Our Operations Manager, Michael Rezin (known as “Rez” to us), joined us as a Business Intern when the team was only 7 people strong.

We were lucky to have found such versatile, intelligent, and flexible talent at that stage of the game, and Rez helped push Nestio to the next level. He experienced the core principles of a startup: working hard in order to obtain ownership over key projects. “Coming in as my first job, trust was gained rather quickly and every idea that I’ve had has been heard, discussed and brought to reality if within the company vision.”  

Working at a fast-growing company gives everyone at Nestio a lot to do! There are always problems to solve, which is why empowerment and flexibility are huge for us. Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of projects, ask questions, and speak up. On all levels, we are constantly evaluating where our company is going and how we’re getting there and no matter the role or level, everyone’s voice matters.

A culture of collaboration

imageIan, Rez, and other members of team grab drinks at a team outing in Gowanus.

Nestio has had an all hands on deck approach. Ian Bandes, one of our Senior Client Success Managers, is the perfect example of how adaptability and humility can produce effective, meaningful work. “There’s no task too far above you and no task that’s too far below. Some things are administrative, and some are really impactful affecting the foreseeable future of the business.”

We work together to make sure that we’re covering our bases. I am proud that Nestio has cultivated an actual team– in every sense of the word. As we grow and transition from a team of generalists to a team of specialists, our collaborative spirit won’t change. Every employee at Nestio has demonstrated that they can and want to work cross-functionally to get the job done.

As a technology company focused on transforming a nuanced industry like real estate, it is necessary that all employees have a clear understanding of our clients’ goals, needs, and current workflow. Our engineering and client success teams sit side-by-side and can often be found taking customer calls together. Nestio is one of the most intuitive products for those in the multifamily residential industry, and I truly believe we were able to make it so by fostering this type of environment among our internal teams.

A culture of growth

In the early days of the company, it was clear to me and my co-founder, Mike O’Toole, that keeping employees from burning out was imperative for growth. The typical “work yourself into the ground” startup mentality doesn’t exist here. Our employee turnover rate is extremely low and we want to keep it that way.

Early on, I knew Mike and I would make a great team when he told me he wanted to create a company where people wanted to work, rather than feeling obligated to work. While we rely on each other’s hard work, there is a space that exists alongside of strong work ethic, enough room for breaks, beers, and passions. Being positive sound boards for each other is crucial. This is something we keep in mind every day and is our priority as Nestio grows. In order to sustain this growth, each individual must also be growing. If the wheels fall off a car, if the engine breaks down, the function of the car is lost. It’s why we foster individual growth for each and every worker, and we strive to live by our culture – to create a space where people want to work, want to learn, and where their desires to improve themselves are just as important as their desires to improve the company.

But we realize that those are just words. Talking about culture is merely lip service unless you live it. Because a cornerstone of our culture is self-growth, we are implementing an education stipend: an annual allowance given to each member of the team to spend freely on him or herself. If you wanted those guitar lessons years ago but never got around to them, or maybe you’re interested in traveling in the near future and you desperately need Italian lessons, this is your opportunity. Creative pursuits are enriching and we want to give our team the tools to grow as individuals in and outside of the office.

A culture of opportunity

Our goal for each employee is self-awareness, self-improvement, personal growth and happiness: your personal successes will have a direct impact on the success of Nestio. “You are your best investment” – we live by that, and we want everyone at Nestio to feel it. Doubling our team within the next year, we want to make sure we continue hiring the high caliber of people we currently have, and our educational allowances will sustain us as a company, but more importantly, you as an individual.


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