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Nestio Welcomes Ben Rubin as VP of Product

Posted by Rebecca Taylor on October 16, 2017
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We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our leadership team! Ben Rubin recently joined Nestio as VP of Product from The Orchard, which is the largest distributor of music and video by volume. His experience there has made him an expert in building technologies that enable best-in-class distribution of media and information across a huge variety of platforms.

Ben approaches Product Management with the customer in mind first, which means he fits in perfectly with the rest of the team here. We sat down with him to discuss how tech is evolving the multifamily industry, and to learn more about what brings him to Nestio.

So, Ben. What brings you to Nestio?

Coming from a later-stage business, I had been looking for a role where I would be positioned to help grow an emerging company. Nestio intrigued me because it provides an incredible service - tools for marketing multifamily real estate - to an industry that has historically been behind the curve when it comes to technology. We have an opportunity here to literally change the way property managers, owners, and brokers do business, and as a result, improve the renting experience for consumers

What problem is Nestio solving? What excites you about it?

Many of the tools multifamily marketers rely on have not been updated in years. People are spending hours cobbling together inventory information from a mix of spreadsheets, files on a desktop, and sometimes even filing cabinets. This is obviously a huge waste of time and money. Nestio provides the multifamily industry with an easy to use cloud-based solution for storing, organizing and structuring their inventory and digital assets like floorplans, photos and other media. Clients can then distribute this content to the channels that matter to them, such as ILS syndication (Streeteasy, Zillow, Trulia, etc.), email, and custom websites to market their inventory to the clients that they’re looking to work with. What I find so exciting is how much this improves the end experience for our clients’ clients (aka the consumer). We’ve all been in a position where we’ve had a nightmare experience trying to find an apartment, and the goal here is that we will make that experience seamless and, dare I say it, enjoyable. By enabling our clients to communicate with their consumers in a more efficient way, we allow them to do better business.

How do you make product decisions?

My philosophy is to make all product decisions by listening to clients and keeping on top of trends in technology and the industry. Interacting with our clients on a daily basis is the most effective way to make good products that our clients love to use and can’t live without. The more we understand who our clients are and what they need, the better we can do this. I plan to meet with clients constantly, and I will have my team meeting with clients regularly as well. Nestio will only grow as our clients become more successful, so if you always put the client first, then naturally you and your business will grow as a result

What is the best way for customers to provide input on product features?

Right now, clients with a login to Nestio can reach us here. We take client feedback very seriously and will be sure to get back in touch as soon as possible. It is a priority of mine to provide new ways for clients to reach out to the product team directly, and we will be working to expand our use of client feedback tools and establish a Customer Advisory Board in the coming months.

If you were able to share your philosophy behind product management, what would that be?

As a product leader, I am only successful when I am solving a user’s problems. In order to accomplish that goal, it is important that I am empathetic, that I can step into someone else’s shoes and feel their pain points. As someone who has been in the B2B space for most of my career, I understand that by using the latest principles in design and technology, I can streamline and automate mundane tasks that often fill the day of our business users. Accomplishing this goal allows my clients to focus on their core competencies and driving the success of their own business.

We’re very lucky to have Ben on board here at Nestio, and we’re super excited to see what he can do to continue growing and improving our product. To learn how Nestio can improve your visibility to renters, shoot us a note here!

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