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Nestio Spotlight: Adam Harris, VP of Sales

Posted by Lizete Alves on May 2, 2018
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Earlier this year, Adam Harris joined Nestio as VP of Sales from Rainmaker LRO, a revenue management software utilized nationally by the multifamily industry.

Adam's multifamily experience brings tremendous value to our team and our clients. Having spent time on the management/operator side with AG Spanos, Associated Estates and Archstone, Adam understands the everyday challenges and provides supportive strategies to increase efficiency. 

We sat down and discussed  his past, present and future, and what this means to our multifamily industry partners. 

Adam, what is your favorite part about working at Nestio?

My favorite part of joining Nestio so far is getting to work with all these really smart people.  From Product and Development to Client Services and Senior Leadership, watching all of these talented folks work hard to make the lives of our customers better has been awesome.

How does your experience on the management side help you in your VP of Sales role here?

Having worked on the Management Company side for around 9 years has proven very helpful to working on the Partner side.  When talking to current or potential customers, I'm able to relate to their day-to-day workflow, listen to what they need/want to make their job easier and help match those needs with a solution that makes sense.  It also allows me to work internally to push Nestio to build a solution that's innovative, necessary and relevant to our customers.

What consultative advice do you have for our clients? 

My philosophy is to make all product decisions by listening to clients and keeping on top of trends in technology and the industry. Interacting with our clients on a daily basis is the most effective way to make good products that our clients love to use and can’t live without. The more we understand who our clients are and what they need, the better we can do this. I plan to meet with clients constantly, and I will have my team meeting with clients regularly as well. Nestio will only grow as our clients become more successful, so if you always put the client first, then naturally you and your business will grow as a result

A big question in Multifamily industry is 'Art (gut feeling) vs. Science (data)' - what do you think?

I believe that Multifamily will always be both Art and Science.  In the case of Science, the desire for, and accessibility of, data and analytics is growing every year.  But no matter how much data or science you have, the Owner/Manager/Investor still must rely on growing their art (skills, strategy, etc).  My firm belief is that the artist is able to get better and better at what they do with better and better tools (science).  We may never have known Picasso if he only had the rocks of cavemen.

To learn how Adam and the Nestio team can improve your current workflow and streamline your marketing and leasing process, shoot us a note here.

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