August 01

Posted by Matt

Nestio iPhone App Version 2.0

We’re pretty excited to announce that a brand new version of our iPhone app is live in the app store! It’s awesome, and we’re sure you’ll love it. Download it now in the app store or checkout some of the updates below.

Nestio iPhone app 2.0

Brand Spankin’ New Design We hope you like the new facelift, just in time for summer.

Reworked Camera You can now snap multiple photos one after another. Let’s see how many photos you all can add now!

Apt Checklists Now, while you view all those apartments, you can remember what to check with our handy checklist.

Activity The new activity screen will show you what you and your roommates have done recently so you can track your progress.

… and tons of new features!

✓ Heart your favorite listings

✓ Set progress for each listing (Contacted, Scheduled, and Viewed)

✓ Sorting added to the list view

✓ View and edit all the apartment’s amenities

✓ Easier way to find listings

So what are you waiting for? Download it now in the app store!

February 20

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The To Learning How To Code

The key to learning how to code

Learning to program is really easy, you need one thing: a reason to learn to code. Something that you’re passionate about, something that will make your job easier, something that will make your life easier, whatever. If just set out to learn to program for the sake of learning how to program, you will never learn to code.

In theory, getting started coding is easy, Learn Python the Hardway or Learn Ruby the Hardway are amazing books for getting started. Codecademy is really interesting. But if you start doing lessons to learn to code, without a purpose, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t make it past a handful of lessons before you get distracted by something else.

If by some miracle you have focus of steal, and manage to make it all the way through all of the lessons, you haven’t actually learned how to program. Sure you know some basics, although I’m willing to bet you haven’t really retained much of it. Someone recently told me they were going to learn to code by doing all the Codecademy lessons two or three times. 1) That sounds boring as fuck 2) it won’t help. Learning to programming is not brute force memorization. You need to learn about something, and then figure out how to apply in different situations. If you have a problem YOU want to solve, as you’re reading and doing excersizes you’ll constanlty find yourself going “OH! That’s how I can do that!” And you’ll drop the excersizes and go off and start working on your own issue, and you will actually learn how to program.

I’ve been coding for 15 years, I’m constanly reading books on different programming languages and techniques. And I rarely read one cover to cover. I have reason for learning the particular language or technique, and the first three quarters give me the basics and best practices, and by the time I get the last quarter I’ve become so distracted by using those to actually solve the problem that I’ve set out to solve.

October 27

Posted by Matt

A Gaggle of New Features

Remember when we went Nationwide? That was exciting! And with that big announcement came a ton of really awesome features and improvements to the site. Let’s walk you through a few of our favorites:

  • City Selection
    You can set your city now so we know where you are searching and show the most relevant, local information. Set it when you first sign up, and change it in your account settings whenever you want.

City Selection

  • Commute Times
    Wonder how far all those apartments are from your office? Now you can find out. Just add an address in the comparison table and easily see how far away they all are. (Currently in NYC, soon to be in your city!)

Commute Times

  • Local News
    You can learn about an area when you read the local news. That’s why we’ve added some recent stories to every listing when we know the location. Now you can see what’s going on near your (maybe) new home!

Local News

On top of those, we’re also improved

Finding Listings - Easily do one search on multiple sites.
New Editing - You can edit any listing much easier now.
The Design - How do we look?

You can take a walk through these and some our other features in our new Site Tour. Hope these additions continually make your apartment hunt easier! ‘Till next time…

October 27

Posted by Matt

Hey New Yorkers, You can now add to Nestio from Citi Habitats!

We’re so excited to announce that Citi Habitats, one of the biggest rental players in NYC, has integrated the +Nestio button on their platform to make it one step easier to organize your apartment hunt. By clicking on the +Nestio button on the top right-hand corner of any Citi Habitats’ rental listing, you’ll be able to instantly save these listings all in one place. Boom. Stress of apartment hunting, 0. Nestio users, 1.

Nestio and Citi Habitats

So are you looking in NYC? Start searching for your perfect rental and check out the +Nestio button on Citi Habitats today!

October 19

Posted by Matt

We're national, we're newly designed, and we've partnered with eBay Classifieds!

Man, oh man. Exciting day here at Nestio HQ as we roll out our biggest update so far! Over the past several months, we’ve received tons of questions from folks across the country asking one very important question: When will Nestio be in my city?

We’re thrilled to say, that day is TODAY! Nestio is now open nationwide, from NYC to San Francisco and every city, suburb, and town in between. We’ve learned a ton from our amazing users already in NYC and are excited to meet renters across the country and hear your stories!


In addition to this, we’ve unveiled a brand spanking new design (Did you notice? Did ya?) and launched a partnership with our first national listings site, eBay Classifieds. You can now save any of their rental listings simply by clicking the +Nestio button from their site. We are lucky to have a great partner to share this exciting news with, and look forward to working together to help even more users organize their searches.

So there it is. We’ve been working really hard on these updates for the past couple of months and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to you today. We hope you love the new design and look forward to meeting all our new users!

Catch ya on the flip side!

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